John and Debbie Mullins have been working closely with Greyhoundhomer RGT Suffolk for over 6 years now. They built a retirement block for their own retired dogs to live out their lives but on joining forces with Greyhoundhomer RGT Suffolk have now enabled over a 400 different greyhounds to retire in comfort to homes in the surrounding area.    

Dillymore Re-Homing Stats

2009 - 77 greyhounds
2010 - 77 greyhounds
2011 - 112 greyhounds
2012 - 92 greyhounds
2013 - 77 greyhounds
2014 - 70 greyhounds
2015 - 77 greyhounds

The whole of a greyhound's life has been thought through and every aspect covered. The retired block comprises of nine double kennels section within the main kennel building. The retired greyhounds have access to larger paddocks daily and are happy, healthy dogs waiting for the right home to come along.

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